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How to sell your house for more

In this edition please find a summary of all the things, when combined, will ensure that you get the maximum price for your property. This has been collected from years and years of my experience selling properties.

A little time taken to enhance the visual appeal of a property and creative marketing substantially increases the chances of the seller achieving a better selling price. In many cases in excess of the seller’s wildest hopes. This is regardless of whether it’s an apartment, large home or even a commercial property.

In my magazine is examples of the record prices that I have sold for, photos of the stunning homes that I have either had professionally staged or have partially staged them myself. It is full of useful pointers that will ensure that you sell for the very best price.

I am currently in the process of making my own TV program on “How to sell for more” in a hot market or even in a challenging market. Many people are worried that if they sell their home they won’t find a suitable replacement. I consider myself a property matchmaker and have assisted many people to sell their home well and move into their dream property.

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